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Springtime is Sealcoating Time

March is almost over, and even though it’s still cold outside, it’s time to change our thinking from plowing the driveway to sealing it, from shoveling the curb to enhancing curb appeal. In a perfect world, the snow is through falling and the temperatures will soon begin to climb, so now’s the time to start thinking about sealing your driveway.

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Amateur Sealcoating: A Really Bad Idea

As a homeowner, you’ve probably answered the doorbell to find a stranger standing before you offering an incredible deal on sealcoating your driveway - or any of a thousand other odd jobs. You may hear the old, “we were doing a job in the neighborhood and had some leftover…”. At that point, if you haven’t closed the door in their face, they may offer you huge savings if you’ll only let them get to work immediately. Don’t fall for it.

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What is the Deal with Tire Marks?

There are few things as easy to accomplish, for a professional at least, and as incredibly appealing, especially to a homeowner, than a freshly sealed driveway. Perfectly smooth and immaculately clean, you almost feel bad driving across it, but that is what it’s for, so eventually you’ll have to. As soon as you do, and get out of the car, you see tire marks on your once pristine surface. What happened? Did you make a mistake and ruin your new sealcoat?

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