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Seal The Way – Asphalt Crack Filling

The easiest and most dependable way to extend the lifetime of your asphalt driveway or parking lot is through professional asphalt crack filling services provided by Seal The Way. Relatively inexpensive and quick to accomplish, at least for trained professionals, asphalt crack filling is more of an art than a science. The team at Seal The Way has spent years refining our techniques to deliver maximum results in minimum time, and are proud of our successful track record in the area. After all, we’ve helped customers save thousands of dollars in future repairs by professionally filling the cracks in their asphalt. It’s what we do and we’re very, very good at it. That’s what our reviews say, and we hope you’ll say it too.

Water, in case you were wondering, is the number one enemy of asphalt parking lots and driveways. It gets into the cracks and crevices and causes all sorts of trouble. See, when the temperature drops, the water that’s seeped into the asphalt freezes and, because frozen water takes up more space than liquid, it puts tremendous pressure on the asphalt from within. When the temperature warms, the water thaws, and the whole cycle begins anew – except now the water has even more room to penetrate deeper into the asphalt. This vicious cycle will, eventually, lead to complete failure of your pavement, and cost thousands of dollars in repair and replacement.

Seal The Way can fill the asphalt cracks before water has an opportunity to do its damage, and potentially save you a great deal of money. With our free estimates, it’s just prudent to call Seal The Way and request one of our professionals come take a look at your issue. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – like five years added to the life expectancy of your asphalt.

Why Fill the Cracks?

As water is the primary cause of your asphalt troubles, keeping it out is, and always should be, your highest priority. Only by quick and decisive action can you mitigate the negative impact water has on your paved area, and, even then, only by partnering with an experienced service provider like Seal The Way. Our years of perfecting our craft mean we deliver tangible results to all of our customers, and those with asphalt crack filling needs are no exception. In fact, we take great pride in our proprietary techniques because of their origins – our fathers – and their results. Every customer we’ve helped will tell you the same thing – we get the results we say we will.

Asphalt crack filling, as a repair or as part of an ongoing maintenance program, is the only real way to prevent water damage. It can also minimize the problems caused by the root systems of vegetation that gets lodged in the cracks and crevices. So, hiring the best available company using only the highest quality products is the name of the game. That company is Seal The Way. We ensure you get the best service, the most competitive pricing, and the outstanding results you want – each time, every time.

The Asphalt Filling Concept

While it may seem pretty straightforward to most people, filling cracks in asphalt is a bit more complicated than it looks. For one thing, just any old filler material or caulk will not work properly because of the nature of the substance itself. Caulk and most other fillers do not have the ability to expand and contract along with the asphalt, so as soon as the temperature begins to fluctuate there are serious problems with the material. This allows water to penetrate and the problems start all over as if the cracks were never filled in the first place. Or, even worse for the property owner, water penetrates without any visible signs due to micro-fissures developing in the filler material.

Professional sealcoating and asphalt repair companies, like Seal The Way, use only the finest quality products developed specifically to bond with and breathe with the asphalt itself. This alleviates all of the problems encountered when traditional caulk or other fillers are used, and, if handled by skilled experts, can last far longer than cracks filled with other materials. It’s one of the reasons working with a professional is so important when dealing with asphalt cracks and their remedies – access to the right materials and tools. Hiring Seal The Way to handle you asphalt crack filling will save you time, stress, and money.

Benefits of Crack Filling

The number one benefit to asphalt crack filling is the extended lifetime it offers your paved area. Many of these benefits will be unrecognizable for years to come, but when all the asphalt around your parking lot has long since broken to pieces and fallen into disrepair, your pavement will still look beautiful, remain functional, and be an asset for years to come. That’s as long as you hired a responsible, reputable company like Seal The Way to handle the workload. The difference between a professional asphalt crack filling service and an amateur out to make a buck is quality and reliability. Don’t skimp on either if you want results that last and a finished product you can be proud of.

It’s also a good idea to use a professional from a purely aesthetical standpoint. Being experienced with the materials and the tools required means we can take the time to ensure our work is pleasing to the eye as well as being functional. With most amateurs, you’ll be fortunate of they don’t make a mess, or, worse still, hurt themselves on your property. Make the responsible choice – call Seal The Way first.

Economic Advantage

Asphalt crack filling is the best solution for your parking lot or driveway from a financial standpoint as well. When compared with the cost for new installation or resurfacing, the overall investment is far, far less. It could be up to 20 times more expensive for those options – not to mention the time commitment and the intrusion. Crack filling is a proven, effective method for preserving and maintaining the appearance and functionality of your asphalt surface, and it takes far less time to accomplish than any other remedy available.

At Seal The Way, we recommend every homeowner and business owner with an asphalt driveway or parking lot include asphalt crack filling in their comprehensive maintenance and management program in an attempt to keep their costs down and their pavement in peak condition. Call us to learn more about our maintenance programs and all the ways we can help you avoid the costly pitfalls associated with asphalt degradation.

Crack Filling as Preferred Procedure

Pavement management programs are integral to the long-term health and functionality of your asphalt pavement areas. Crack filling, as a part of your overall  maintenance program, is widely utilized all over the world including here in the U.S., England, France, Germany, and Australia. Governments depend on asphalt crack filling to prevent water and petroleum-based product damage to their national streets and roadways. Time and experience has proven to these governments, along with contractors everywhere, that asphalt crack filling is one of the most effective solutions available.

Factors Contributing to Asphalt Damage

When discussing the factors responsible for asphalt crack formation, there are a few well-known suspects to look out for. These include:

  • Water penetration
  • Oxidation of the asphalt binder
  • Pavement depth
  • Insufficient drainage
  • Earth movement
  • Overloading weight

DIY vs. Hire a Professional

While asphalt crack filling may seem like an easy enough task, there are subtleties and techniques you can’t learn from YouTube or Google. These nuances are picked up over years and years of training and on-the-job experience, and not easily absorbed in a two-minute video. There’s also the future to think about. If the job is done poorly, you’ll be doing it again sooner than expected, which is lost time and money, and, if the project is large or complex, you could just as easily get lost in the middle of the parking lot without a solid plan for that very eventuality. So many things go into a successful project that the very idea that anyone could do it is very much out-of-step with reality, and exactly the kind of mindset that results in lost time and revenue – not to mention undue stress and anxiety.

In some cases, say if you need to patch a small crack in your driveway for example, it’s perfectly safe to go to your local hardware store and purchase an asphalt patching kit and do the minor repair yourself. Yet, you need to be ready to accept that those systems are not intended to replace professional services, and, as such, they should not be expected to last for as long as a professional repair. When a company like Seal The Way offers free estimates with no obligation, you’re better off calling the pros and hearing what they have to say before making any decisions.

Crack filling asphalt pavement is better left to professionals who ensure the quality of their work and have experience. Moreover, large areas like parking lots could not be realistically fixed correctly by a few untrained individuals as it would take far too much time and lack the careful planning needed to completely cover the desired areas.

Seal The Way – Asphalt Crack Filling Experts

In an era of liability and ballooning costs, there’s no reason to take chances with your property or the well-being of the customers who visit your business. Hire a professional like Seal The Way to handle all of your asphalt and asphalt repair needs – including the best asphalt crack filling service anywhere. We can take on any job, no matter the size, and welcome individuals, businesses, and private institutions alike to call us whenever they have a need. We’re more than happy to assist any caller with anything pavement-related, so call (219) 433-3924 today to speak with one of our friendly, helpful staff.

The path to pavement without problems begins with a call to Seal The Way. We’re the area’s asphalt experts – it’s what we do best. Our consultations are free, as are our estimates, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make the call or visit our Contact Page to fill out the handy form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.