About Seal The Way

About Us, Opening for business in 2010, Seal The Way has consistently delivered high-quality, affordable pavement solutions to customers all across the Greater Chicago area. Our goal, to exceed our customer’s expectations at every turn, is what keeps us pushing for greater efficiency and innovation in all we do. That lofty goal, along with defining courteous service, is, and has been, our focus from day one, and, no matter what comes, we plan on maintaining our commitment to our customers for as long as our doors are open.

Though our business license is only 7 years old, we have a history of experience in the industry going back decades. Our two founders, Jessica Vargas and John Miller, have long roots in the asphalt and paving industry thanks to their respective fathers – both of which worked in the business. That old-fashioned work ethic, based on traditional values of hard work and competency, was instilled in both at a young age, and continues to motivate everything they do as a company.

Jessica’s father, Jesse Vargas, spent years working as a traditional handyman. During the summers, he would take Jessica with him to his job sites and let her watch the work being done, and, if it was safe, she would try her hand at certain tasks. While her father always stressed the importance of a college education, and worked very hard to provide the means for her to attend school, he also, perhaps unintentionally, set her on a path toward self-sufficiency and entrepreneurialism. That path led her to fateful meeting with John Miller.

John’s story is very much like Jessica’s. He, too, grew up in a family with deep roots in asphalt and paving. John’s father and uncle, Terry and Steve Miller (no, not the Steve Miller from the radio), owned an asphalt and paving business in the Chicago area, and John would work long hours with them during his own breaks. Those years were incredibly important in molding the philosophy he would go on to use in his own entrepreneurial efforts in the region.

These two people, both from paving backgrounds, met, fell in love, and were engaged. As their backgrounds were so similar, and each had learned valuable insights into the paving business, they decided to open their own paving venture in 2010. Thus, Seal The Way was born. Their belief in their vision for the company, their belief in each other, and their commitment, learned from their fathers, to their customers ensured their business would be a success if they could just get the word out.

Their first marketing effort consisted of passing out fliers to residences and businesses in the local area. They spent hour after hour, day after day, passing out fliers and pounding the pavement, looking for just one good lead, and just when they were starting to wonder if anyone would ever call, the phone rang. Their first client was a local doctor in Munster, Indiana. He had a driveway in desperate need of repair and Seal The Way came through for him with flying colors. They sealed the cracks in his driveway, taking what was a serious problem and resolving it for a fair and honest price. He was so pleased that he immediately asked if they would do the same for his medical office parking lot. Again, their philosophy of treating each customer as family, just as they learned from their fathers, paid dividends and began the modern success story that is Seal The Way.

From such modest beginnings, Seal The Way has grown to become Northwest Indiana’s premier asphalt and paving company. They handle every task, from the largest corporate parking lot to a single-family driveway, with the same attention to detail and professionalism they showed that doctor who gave them their first chance. It’s that commitment to remaining humble and firmly focused on their organizational philosophy that keeps clients, from the strip mall owner to the homeowner, coming back to us for all of their asphalt and paving needs.

As the years have progressed, and Seal The Way has grown to become the area’s number one pavement and asphalt service provider, they have continually added staff to stay ahead of the demand for their services. Each of these new team members go through rigorous on-the-job training to ensure they have all the knowledge and skill needed to handle every job in a competent, professional manner. Seal The Way has developed an excellent reputation in the area for high-quality service at competitive prices, and each member of the staff is responsible for upholding and uplifting that reputation through courtesy, professionalism, and an always respectful attitude.

The philosophy at Seal The Way is centered on the irrefutable fact that the customer comes first – every job, every time. No matter what you called about, or how big or small your project, the staff at Seal The Way will treat you and your property with old-fashioned care and attention. Their name is, after all, synonymous with excellence in the area, so they go the extra mile to guarantee each client is satisfied with the finished product and the service throughout. They maintain these high standards by following a few core principles everyday:

  • The Golden Rule. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Not just some of the time – all of the time.
  • Client Satisfaction is the first thing, the last thing, the only thing.
  • Honesty at all costs. A person’s word is the only thing they can give and still keep.
  • Trust is earned over time and through commitment, dedication, and transparency.
  • Getting the job done is important. Getting it done right is everything.
  • Never, ever sacrifice quality for price.

Seal The Way knows there are a ton of options available when you need paving and asphalt solutions for your property. They want to do business with you, but want you to be satisfied with your choice even more. That’s one of the reasons they offer free, no-obligation estimates for every project. If you need a few cracks filled in your driveway, or an entire parking lot in need of striping, Seal The Way is here to help with a wide range of products and services guaranteed to fix your issue and protect your property for years to come. Fill out the Contact Form or call directly at (219) 433-3924 to speak with a knowledgeable staff member about your specific issue. That crack in the pavement won’t fix itself, so call Seal The Way today.